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By Avalon, Avalon School of Massage in Houston

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AmeriSciences AS10, AS10 Fusion, and AS10 Cellular Health products.

Our Products Separate Us from the Competition!

Great companies are built on great products. Phenomenal companies are built on products that are truly phenomenal -- products of unique technology, quality and effectiveness – like AmeriSciences’ AS10 Cellular Health product line.

AmeriSciences AS10, AS10 Fusion, and AS10 Cellular Health products are available from Avalon, a Houston massage therapy center.The AmeriSciences AS10 Cellular Health product line is the perfect combination of nature and science in the form of three complementary products AS10, AS10 Fusion and AS10 Life. For a healthy and youthful lifestyle, your body needs the perfect combination of micronutrients and macronutrients that AS10 Cellular Health products can provide. With a combination of the world’s top superfruits such as Cupucau, Acai and Acerola and the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral ingredients identified through joint research with NASA/JSC, AmeriSciences AS10 Cellular Health products are truly unique in the market today.

Source Vital: All-natural products for the skin, body and mind.

Company Philosophy

Source Vitál has reached to the very core of nature to harvest natural elements from the ocean and from the Earth’s vegetal roots, foliage and flowers. Our products represent a return to nature, to the Earth, as our true source of nourishment. Ee are all a part of the same source. The chemical elements of man are the same chemical elements as the dust of the earth, the starts, and the ocean. Trace elements and minerals are the natural elements which sustain our electrolytic and magnetic energy. The complete balance of our mind and body represents health and wellness.

“Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

Source Vitál is dedicated to holistic skin and body care. We recognize the skin as a major organ of the body, a mineral organ responsible for defending internal organs from invading microorganisms. The skin is a sense organ which responds to touch, climate and environment. The messages the skin receives are a part of the patterning and forming of our inner thoughts and physiological responses. Correct and effective skin care is a vital part of sustaining balance and well being.

Our Treatments are based both on European spa therapies and Chinese medicine teaching. We bring together the best of East and West to achieve result-oriented treatments to assist in the integration of body, mind and spirit for each individual client.

Product Philosophy

Source Vital: 100% holistic, organic and all-natural products for skin, body and mind from Avalon, a massage therapy center.Source Vitál believes in nature. We blend seaweeds, essential oils and plant extracts together to produce a beautiful and effective skin, body and spa care line.

We know that nature provides gifts in the form of food, air, and water. With this knowledge, Source Vitál synergistically combines these gifts of the Earth as gifts to the skin and body. We feel this is accomplished by encouraging balance; internally and externally.

For years, we have had a passion to provide holistic products of integrity for the skin and body. We believe when the skin and body are cared for with holistic products, the mind and spirit align. This occurs through change in your health by detoxifying and remineralizing. Natural aromatic essential oils are consistently at work on all the systems and tissues. The limbic system responds favorably to aromatherapy and the mind and spirit are empowered.

Source Vitál products are diverse and effective; easy and pleasant to use. Benefits include improved skin and body appearance, increased feelings of well-being, enlivened spirit and soothed mind.

Source Vitál is committed to making our world a more nurturing and peaceful place to live. Knowledge is the wisdom, and growth can empower you. Source Vitál is dedicated to exposing our world to health and beauty through understanding, knowledge, and effective products and treatments.

Body Care Approach

Source Vital: 100% holistic, organic and all-natural products for skin, body and mind.Detoxification is one of the most valuable beliefs for working with the body. Replenishing is also important as it relates to the necessary nutrients needed to maintain healthy tissue and organs. Product applications through massage, bathing or internal supplementation are essential when detoxifying and replenishing.

We believe you must work with the body internally to affect the external and vice versa. Seeing the entire body as a whole is the basis of our holistic philosophy.

Skin Care Approach

We understand skin as an organ of elimination. We also understand the skin is exposed to the environment, harsh products and toxins both internally and externally.

Through our extensive product line, Source Vitál’s goal is to help you chose the regimen that is perfect for your skin and lifestyle:

  • detoxify by stimulating local circulation
  • eliminate toxins affecting the skin and the digestive system
  • add vital nutrients to the skin topically and internally
  • cleanse and stimulate the skin on a deeper level through the use of seaweed and aromatherapy.

Janssen Cosmeceutical: Innovative Skin Care Products from Houston massage therapy center, Avalon.

The skin care and body care products of JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments represent a new global approach in modern skin care technology. JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments integrates a new generation of herbal and marine extracts along with bio-technological ingredients to provide innovative skin care products to a diverse community of estheticians and consumers. The COSMECEUTICAL approach combines pharmaceutical and therapeutic elements in an environmentally safe way to care for the skin without harming the natural balance and protection provided by the body. By offering result-oriented treatment, profitable business programs and outstanding customer support systems, JANSSEN Cosmeceutical confirms our commitment to the future success of the esthetics industry.

Over 95% of skin care therapists prefer Janssen

Circle E Candles: Scented hand-poured candles.

Fragrances with Wicks

Circle E Candles scented, hand-poured from massage therapy center, Avalon.Circle E Candles have a characteristically smooth, creamy texture. By hand-pouring in stages, we avoid the mottled look you see in other candles. Mottling is caused by fractures in the wax that result from air entrapped in the wax as it cools. These fractures can also limit fragrance intensity, so we incorporate a special additive to prevent mottling from occurring. We use only the finest lead-free wicks and premium wax blends for a cleaner, longer burn. Hand-poured Circle E Candles also have a higher fragrance level, giving you consistent, quality fragrance down to the very last burn.

Hand-poured Distinction

Sure, it takes more time to hand pour each candle, but the result is well worth the wait. Our special blend of soft smooth waxes ensures the fragrance level at the bottom of each Circle E Candles candle is as strong as it is the first time you light it.

Vast Variety of Scents

Each year Circle E introduces new fragrances to our already extensive selection. Like fine wine, each candle has a distinct color, bouquet and ambiance.

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